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Max Deroy


British/Kiwi Scenographer and Choreographer Max Deroy has trained and worked globally in the fields of Performance design, Fine art, Dance, and Fashion. He has worked alongside Loughlan Prior, Val Caniparoli, Shaun James-Kelly, Moss Te Ururangi Patterson, Kit Reilly, Tracy Grant Lord, and Ross McCormack. Max’s designs are sculptural, textural, and activating - always focused on creating form and atmosphere through bold, dynamic gestures. Max integrates design elements into choreography as active, operative influences. In his published essay ‘The commanding object: design as a kinetic influence on choreography’ he discusses processes and ways for movement to be drawn out of objects, light, garments, and space. Instead of scenographic design acting as a decoration or dressing, Max creates work that gives the non-human agents authority in the choreographic space.

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