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“... with Diva, Rilee Scott lip syncing to the operatic score, dressed appropriately in a divine plastic renaissance dress [by Max de Roy] with wig to match in contrast to the modern dress of the ensemble in bright [pink] pants, vest and socks took the audience on a terrifically clever and hilarious journey.”

- Danielle Brown for Dancetrain Magazine

“... Easily my favourite of all the pieces. We have many more bodies in the space for this one, and the dance takes on a more contemporary feel. De Roy’s design is at it’s best here: the dancers are all dressed the same, gender differentiation we have seen in all previous pieces through costuming here does not matter, and they become one organism in their magenta, high-neck, sleeveless tops and straight-cut pants and matching socks.”

- Emilie Hope for Art Murmurs 

STAGING copy.jpg

"...Original, clean and decisive [set design] is sophisticated and highly effective in the restrictive space of BATS’ black box theatre The Stage. The single set piece - a sweeping, curved white brick wall that crumbles to nothing at one end - juxtaposes the geometry of the space and creates a slick cohesion with choreographic content, costuming and programme design..."

- Brigitte Knight for Dance Aoetaroa New Zealand

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